There is a web interface to majordomo called majorcool which list owners can use to maintain their mailing list. Most list owners use this to add or remove addresses from their list. It can also be used to modify some attributes of the list configuration (for example: restrict post), change the list password, or to create or modify the "Information" file for the list. The URL for majorcool is:

Mailing List Default Configuration

Subscribe policy:

  • closed+confirm: list owner must approve all subscribe requests and person subscribing via email must reply to confirm request
  • Restrict post: enabled - only addresses subscribed to the list may post to the list
  • Maxlength: maximum message size is 1,000,000 bytes, ~0.95MB and messages over the maximum limit will bounce to the list owner


Options for the Subscribe policy:

  • open+confirm: anyone can subscribe via email but must reply to a confirm request
  • Restrict post:
    • disabled - not recommended; anyone can post to the list (including spammers)
    • enabled - can be restricted to only addresses on the list (default) or can be restricted to a specific list of addresses or both of the above, for example, addresses on the list plus extras.
    • Maxlength: n000000 - maximum message size limit can depend on the size of the list but would be no more than the server limit of 10MB for a very small list.