If your account has moved to 365 you will need to follow the below steps to manage your distribution lists.

Accessing your Distribution list

To access your distribution list open a browser and go to:


Log in with your uqusername and password

Note: if you get an error or unable to log in please contact the ITS Service Desk on 56000 or help@its.uq.edu.au

Under groups click the Magnifying glass to search for your group


Type in your group and hit enter

Double-click on your Distribution group

To manage your Distribution list select Membership from the menu

Add a member

To Add a member click +

Click the Magnifying Glass to search for the User you want to add


Type in their name and hit Enter

 You should now see the member in the Add box, Click OK

Click Save to complete the changes.

Remove a member

To Remove a user, Select the user you want to remove and then click the Symbol

Click Save to complete the changes.