This guide will show you how to add a shared mailbox to Outlook 2016 for both Mac and Windows Machines.

*Please note you must exit all Outlook windows before proceeding.

Adding a shared mailbox Office 2016 (Windows)

  • Make sure you don't have any Outlook windows open.
  • On the Desktop, click Start.
  • In the search box type Control Panel.
  • Open Control Panel.

If your view doesn't look like the picture below, you may want to change View by: to Small icons.

From the list or grid of items select Mail (32-bit)

  • Click E-mail Accounts...


  • In the Account Settings dialog box, click New... in the first tab.

  • In the Auto Account Setup dialogue box enter the E-mail address.

  • Then click Next.

  • Click Finish.
  • Open Outlook.
  • Once in Outlook recommended to turn off Cached exchange mode when setting up shared mailboxes.

Adding a shared mailbox Office 2016 (MacOS)

* Note this guide is only for MacOS Devices, they will not work with iOS Devices

  • Open Outlook, then click Tools (located in the top menu) followed by Accounts

  • Click the + and select New Account.

  • Email Address: enter the hosted/shared mailbox email address


  • Click Continue
  • DOMAIN\username or email: Enter your UQ username followed by (e.g. and the password you use for your UQ username

  • Click Add Account
  • Click Done

Potential issues (Windows)

If the Add Account dialogue box gets stuck loading, you may have entered in an incorrect email. Click Back and check the email address is correct.

When you open Outlook after adding an account. It may ask for your username and password.


If it repeatedly asks for your username and password this indicates you don't have permission to open the account.

Click Cancel.

When Outlook opens you can click to open the account.

If you get an error on expansion, you do not have permission to open the account. Please ask your supervisor to request that you are given access to the account.