The UQ Student Email system is provided by Microsoft via their Office365 platform. 

Some of the most common inquiries about this system are answered below. If you have any further questions please contact AskUs in the UQ Library.

How do I access my student email account?

You will require Office365 login credentials to access your student email account. 

Your Office365 username is:

Your Office365 password can be set up by logging into the website, selecting 'Email', then clicking the 'Forgot Office365 password' button. Alternatively, you can change your password on the Student email page.

Forgot password button



Once you have set up an Office365 password, you can continue to your mailbox via the website, or log in via the Microsoft site at using your new credentials.


What is my student email address?

Your student email account has multiple email addresses. All of these addresses go to the same mailbox, you do not need to check them individually. You can give out any of these addresses to other people and their messages will reach you:

Students before 24/03/2011 your primary email address will be (where xx may be a number)

Students from 24/03/2011 your primary email address will be (where xx may be a number)

There may be other addresses attached to your account depending on your enrolment status, these are used by the University for administrative and software licensing purposes. As above, these addresses all go to the same mailbox and do not require you to check them specifically. 


What if I have problems with my student email account?

Your student email account is hosted on Microsofts Office365 platform. 

ASKUs can assist you with getting access to the account via your internet browser and basic account management instructions (refer to the Managing your student email page).

Problems with spam, connecting mobile devices and desktop email clients, mapping other accounts to your mailbox, etc, should be referred to Microsoft's support link, available from the '?' icon at the top right of the mailbox interface. 


What happens to my student emails when I leave the University?

You will retain access to your student email account even after you complete your studies at UQ. 

You will also still be able to log into the website to reset your Office365 password if required (see the 'How do I access my student email account' instructions above) 

Can I forward or otherwise change my student email account?

Yes, you can.

Please refer to the Managing your student email page.