Network drive mappings to NAS storage for Mac clients needs to be done manually.

This guide is provided for users that have a Mac computer.

Note: You will need to be connected to the VPN if you are off-site.

1. Connecting the network drive

  1. Click the Finder

  1. Click Go and click Connect to Server...

The Connect to Server dialogue. 

Enter one of the below folder paths:

  • Home drive: cifs:// (e.g. cifs://
  • 10GB home drive: cifs:// (e.g. cifs://
  • Shared drive: cifs://

Replace ORGANISATIONALUNIT with one of the following:

  • BEL
  • CA
  • EAIT
  • HABS
  • HASS
  • HBS-MBS-Shared
  • IndependentOperations
  • Institutes
  • MBS
  • SCI


Click the + button to add the drive to favourites.

  1. Click Connect
  2. Enter your UQ username in the form uq\uqusername (e.g. uq\uqjsmith), then enter your UQ password.
  3. Click Connect

Note: If you have access to more than one Organisational Unit (OU), or want to access both your shared and personal folders, you will need to repeat this process.