Network drive mappings to NAS storage for windows clients should always be automatic, established by your local IT support. If your network drives are not being automatically mapped, ITS strongly suggests getting in touch with your local IT support officers.

This guide is provided for users that are not using UQ managed workstations or want custom drive mappings above and beyond what is provided by faculty or central desktop support teams. There is a limit to the amount of support ITS can provide for manually mapped network drives, as they occur purely at a workstation level and cannot be adjusted centrally.

Note: You will need to be connected to the VPN if you are off-site or on the UQ Wireless Network (Eduroam & UQ).

1. Accessing Windows Explorer

Select Windows Explorer, which by default should be docked at the bottom of your screen (the selected icon in the below image).

This will open Windows Explorer to the 'This PC' page, which lists all current drive mappings under 'Network locations'. In the address bar, enter \\ as shown below, then press enter.