This guide is current for MacOS Sierra 10.12. Instructions for earlier versions of the software should vary only slightly. ITS recommends always running the latest version of your client software.


1. Selecting WiFi network


Step 1 – Turn on wi-fi

  • Click the 'Wi-Fi' icon
  • Click [ Turn Wi-Fi On ]


Step 2 – Connect to the UQ network

  • Click the 'Wi-Fi' icon
  • Click either UQ or eduroam


Step 3 – Login

  • If you chose the UQ network enter your normal username and password.
    Please note that for students the username is the same as for SI-Net or my.uq. For example, s1234567.
  • If you chose the eduroam network you will need to add to the end of your username 

  • Click [ Join ]


You will now be connected to wi-fi. Confirm by clicking the wi-fi icon. You should see a tick beside the network you chose.



Security certificate 

You may also be asked to verify a certificate when connecting for the first time. This will be named either or

Click [ Continue ] to accept the certificate

A prompt will appear asking for your computer's password. Enter your computer's password.
Note: this is not your UQ login details.