Step 1

  • Click Wireless Network Connections icon in the taskbar at the bottom right of the screen:


This should open the list of available WiFi networks.

  • Click either UQ or Eduroam
  • Tick Connect Automatically
  • Click Connect

Step 2

  • Check that Use my Windows user account is unticked.
  • If you chose UQ enter your normal username and password.
    Please note that for students the username is the same as for SI-Net or my.uq. For example, s1234567.
  • If you chose eduroam you will need to add to the end of your username 
  • Click OK

Note: If Eduroam is rejecting your username/password ensure that your username is in the format


Step 3

Click Connect 

You may also be asked to verify a certificate when connecting for the first time. This will be named either or

Click Continue to accept the certificate


When you are connected Eduroam will report as Connected and Secured