Step 1. Connect to a wifi network

  • Click the WiFi icon on the bottom-right of the screen
  • Click either UQ or eduroam, tick 'Connect automatically' and click 'Connect'.

WiFi icon

List of available WiFi networks

Step 2. Enter your username and password

Before you login, ensure the 'Use my Windows user account' box is unticked.

  • For the UQ network: Enter your UQ username and password, then click 'OK'. 
  • For the Eduroam network: Enter your UQ username in the format and enter your UQ password. 

Students: Your UQ username begins with an 's', then enter the first 7 digits of your student number, e.g. s9876234
Staff: Your UQ username begins with 'uq', e.g. uqjcitiz

Step 3. Accept the certificate

You may be asked to verify a certificate when connecting for the first time. This will be named either or

Click 'Continue' to accept the certificate. When you are connected, eduroam will report as 'Connected and Secured'.