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As Eduroam is a wireless network: many different types of devices connect to it, there can be a few possible issues.

1. General

If you are having any issues with Eduroam, you should ensure that you have done the following.

Check your username

Eduroam requires you to add @uq.edu.au to the end of your username. For example, if your normal username is s123456 your eduroam username becomes s123456@uq.edu.au. 

The reason for adding the university identifier is because eduroam is a global network and needs to know institution you belong to. 

Check your password

Try signing into https://my.uq.edu.au/
If you get a username password error, you should change your password here: https://www.uq.edu.au/password/

Restart the device.

There are times when the processes running in your computer's memory can get locked or interfere with each other. A reboot cleans up the memory space on the computer and this will often resolve problems.

Forget Eduroam and then re-add it.

This will clear out any misunderstandings between Eduroam and your device.
The are device specific guides the next pages.