This guide is current for macOS Sierra 10.12.6. Instructions for earlier versions of macOS should vary only slightly. We recommend always running the latest version of an operating system.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1. Turn on wifi

  • Click the wifi icon
  • Click Turn Wi-Fi On

Step 2. Connect to a wifi network

  • Click the wifi icon
  • Click either UQ or Eduroam

Step 3. Login

  • For the UQ Wifi network: Use your UQ username and password and click 'Join'. Students: your username starts with an 's' and is the same as for mySI-net or myUQ (e.g. s123456).
  • For the Eduroam network: Use the username format and your UQ password. Students: your username prefix starts with an 's' (e.g. Staff: your username prefix starts with 'uq' (e.g. 

Step 4. Success!

You will now be connected to wifi. You can confirm by clicking the wifi icon – you should see a tick beside the network you are connected to.

Security certificate 

You may be asked to verify a security certificate when connecting for the first time. This will be named either or

Click 'Continue' to accept the certificate

A prompt will appear asking for your computer's password. Enter your computer's password (don't enter your UQ account details – enter your computer password).