Here are the most common problems and fixes for wifi at UQ.

1. General login problems

If you are having problems logging in: 

  • Check your Eduroam username. Eduroam requires you to add to the end of your username. For example, if your usual username is 's123456' your Eduroam username is The reason why Eduroam asks you to add is because Eduroam is an international network and needs to know which university you belong to.
  • Check your password. Try signing into myUQ or mySI-net. If you get an error, you should reset your password.
  • Forget the wifi network and then re-add it. This will give you the opportunity to enter your settings again. This is particularly useful if you are having trouble connecting after a password change.
  • Restart the device. There are times when processes running in your computer's memory can get locked, or interfere with each other. If you restart the device this will often resolve problems.
  • Check your timezone. If you have just arrived from overseas your device may be set to a different timezone. This causes problems with network security checks. Please change your timezone to Australian Eastern Time Zone UTC+10:00 and make sure the time is the same as the local time.