Providing your Computer Name or PC Name can be very useful to support your fault or request. If you can't find your computer name, please let us know where you got the computer from.

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Type pc name into the search
  3. Select See the name of this computer

The Computer Name is located half way down the page.

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Type pc name into the search
  3. Select View your PC name

The Computer Name is listed on the top of the page.


  1. Click the Apple menu
  2. Click System Preferences...

  1. Click Sharing


The Computer Name is at the top. If your system also lists a local network address, please include this.


Windows XP

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Right-click My Computer and click Properties
  3. Click the Computer Name tab

The Computer Name is under Full computer name.


Windows Vista

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Right-click Computer and click Properties

The Computer Name is listed under Computer name.



  1. Open a command-line terminal by going to Applications > Accessories > Terminal
  2. Type $ hostname



Applications running on Unix systems are case sensitive and recognise bl-uits-xxxxx and BL-UITS-XXXXX as two different computers. If you are providing your computer's hostname to be used on one of these systems, be careful to indicate the correct character case.