What is a PIN used for?

PINs are used on UQ PABX (landline) telephones to allow you to make phone calls from another phone (other than yours), regardless of the call restrictions on that phone.

The billing for the call will then be associated with you rather than the phone the call was made from.

What type of PINs are available?

PINs range from local access up to international access. The codes are listed below:

1 = International Access (International, STD, Mobile, Local)

2 = STD Access (STD, Mobile, Local)

3 = QLD STD Access (QLD STD, Mobile, Local)

4 = Local Access

6 = Mobile Access (Mobile, Local)

Applying for a PIN

There are two methods in which to place a request:

Helpline Assisted - assisted over the phone by the telephone helpline (extension 51000). The request form is completed on your behalf by the telephone helpline assistant. The financial delegate is nominated within the request form and then emailed to approve the request, via an electronic Acceptance of Quote.

Self Service - The UQ financial delegate completes the LANDesk request form themselves, as per the following instructions:

  1. Click on the link: LANDesk Works Request - Assignment of PIN to a Handset
  2. To expedite the processing of your request, please ensure the following fields are completed as follows:
    • Section A1: 'Contact Name' → specifying the person to be emailed upon completion of the request.
    • Section B2: 'PIN Requirement' → specifying the type of PIN.
    • Section B4: 'Existing User' → specifying the person the PIN is to be associated with.
    • Section B4: 'Existing Extension No' → specifying the extension number the PIN is to be associated with.
  3. Complete the remaining relevant fields in the form, noting that blue fields are mandatory (for assistance please refer to the UQ Financial Delegate User Guide).
  4. Any additional information can be added in the 'Further Instructions' field (Section B6).

You will be emailed a notification upon completion of the request.

How do I use my PIN?

To use a PIN:

  • Lift the handset dial "0" to get an outside line then the number you wish to call.
  • After the number has been dialed you will hear a pulsing tone. This then indicates that the phone you are using does not have access to that type of call and also indicates that a PIN can then be entered to break the restriction.
  • After the PIN has been entered the call should go through as normal.

Note: After dialing the telephone number you wish to call you MUST wait for the interrupted dial tone before entering the PIN.

Common problems with PINs

  • Make sure all 6 Digits of the PIN are entered
  • Wait for the interrupted dial tone before entering the PIN
  • If PIN doesn't work on a telephone it may not be PIN activated, contact 51000 for changes to be made 

Annual PIN review

Should you need to complete a bulk list of PIN deletions, please create a small spreadsheet listing (in 3 separate columns):

  1. The PIN number
  2. The name of the person to whom the PIN is assigned
  3. The extension number to which the PIN is associated

You can then attach this spreadsheet to the LANDesk Request, using the 'Attach File' action (in the top left hand side panel).