As part of UQ’s new mobile services agreement with Telstra, UQ have been working with Telstra to create a mobile phone billing system that will re-bill back through UniFi. Organisational units will be charged for their mobile phone call costs monthly directly through the general ledger. This new account structure with Telstra provides a single global account for the university enabling economy of scale and replacing the hundreds of paper bills sent to finance officers each month and better telephone rates for all of UQ. One immediate benefit is the free calls to other mobiles within this global account. More detail on the Telstra EFP (Enterprise Fleet Plan) is available on the ITS website

Authorised UQ financial delegates will be given access to Telstra’s MBRS (Managed Billing and Reporting Service) to enable them to track and monitor their user’s phone expenditure. If your UQ organisational Unit has not nominated a finance officer for accessing MBRS or would like to request additional access to MBRS or requires access to reports prior to being granted access please email with the mobile service number.

Note: Access must be granted by ITS and Telstra will forward an email with the username and password once access has been provisioned. If you require the staff name associated with a mobile service please email UQ Mobiles.

A user guide to the Telstra EFP (Enterprise Fleet Plan) / MBRS has been prepared detailing the most common tasks and is available here.

Additional instructions will be provided with your access notification when approved. Please find following some sample reports that will be available using MBRS:

  • The cost centres in MBRS reflect the structure in Unify and the Opal codes so users will only be able to view mobile services that are assigned to the unit to which you have access privileges. Note: Only units that have charges for the period will be visible.

  • Summary report of the charges – based on your user privileges.

  • A summary report of the mobile phones in an account.

  • Detailed report for a mobile service.

FYI: The journal description in UniFi will detail the mobile service number and the name of the user we have on file.

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