Click here to download this user guide in PDF format.

Cisco Jabber provides a desktop-based video conferencing facility from your Windows PC or Apple Mac. It allows users to connect to other UQ Jabber users, physical UQ video conferencing systems such as those found within many of UQ's lecture theatres, and other video conferencing systems around the world.

Non UQ and external persons wanting to connect to a UQ Cisco Jabber user or UQ video conferencing system can use Jabber Guest. This is the preferred solution for remote participants who do not have access to a video conferencing system.

Request a Cisco Jabber account

If you are not a previous user of Cisco Jabber at UQ, you will need to contact to request that a Cisco Jabber account is created for you. A new account will take up to 24 hours to be created.

1. Download Cisco Jabber

Once your access has been configured (All previous users of Jabber have already been configured), please download the new software from the links below.

Cisco Jabber 10.6 for Windows PC

Cisco Jabber 10.6 for Mac OSX 10.8 & Above

Cisco Jabber 9.6 for Mac OSX 10.7

A new browser window will open to a Dropbox download page. Select the Download button to begin downloading the client installer file.