Wireless Phone Overview - IP Dect

A highly featured digital cellular system that is fully integrated into UQ’s PABX system.

  • No carrier charges for calls made between IPDect phones and regular UQ PABX phones.
  • The handsets can operate across multiple cell stations.
  • The base stations plug into the data network, the radio protocol to the handsets is digital Dect.
  • Non-contended spectrum -1.95Ghz; it does not clash with wireless LAN.
  • The product features very low radiation with a power level of only 10 milliwatts – this is 1/50th of the peak power generated by some GSM mobile phones.

Note: IP-DECT replaces the previous PHS wireless system.

PHS - Personal Handyphone System

This system is still supported by ITS, but supercedded by the IP-Dect wireless phone system above.

The Personal Handyphone System (PHS) is a highly featured digital cellular system that is fully integrated into the University of Queensland's PABX system. No carrier charges for calls made between PHS phones and regular internal UQ phones. (Non contended spectrum - 1.95Ghz).

St Lucia Coverage

  • Yellow denotes all floors of building covered.
  • Green denotes ground floors covered.
  • Pink denotes outside open areas covered.
  • Orange denotes intermediate floors.