When you travel overseas, you will be charged voice and data roaming fees, and the voice and data plans you are on in Australia will not apply. International voice roaming has worked this way for many years.

Both international voice and data charges can be very expensive. For example, call rates from some countries back to Australia can be $5/minute and data charges can be about $3 per megabyte for Telstra. Making a video or Skype call, downloading a large document or viewing multimedia content on sites such as Youtube can generate charges that are often hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars. For more specific information about international call rates, refer to Telstra's International Roaming Guide

For heavier overseas roaming usage needs, there is an unlimited international plan for $125, which provides access in 74 countries and includes unlimited calls and 2GB of data per month.

For assistance with setting up your device so that it will not use data while roaming outside Australia, or if you need advice on cheaper ways to stay in contact, contact your respective IT Department, or UQ Mobiles.

Contact UQ Mobiles to activate international voice and data roaming.

1. Guide for mobile phone usage while travelling overseas

Decide if you require international roaming to be activated on your mobile service.

It is important to note:

  • Activating international roaming will enable you to make voice calls, send SMS and access the Internet while travelling overseas.
  • All roaming charges are excluded from your plan’s included value and GPRS/data roaming is also excluded from all data packs (excluding the $125 plan).
  • Charges apply for both making and receiving a call when you are overseas.