SIM cards







How do I insert a new SIM card?

•    Replace the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad
•    Replace the SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

How do I get a new or replacement SIM card?

To order a new SIM card for your mobile, you must send an email to UQ Mobiles.

You can select either "Replace SIM" or order a "Connection Only" for a new SIM card.

Can I copy data from my previous SIM and or mobile phone?

If your contacts are stored on your old mobile phone, you need to to refer to your mobile phone operating manual.

What mobile plan am I on?

If you wish to know what plan your UQ Mobile service is on, text “USE” to 17686. Telstra will reply with your data limit. You can then match this to UQ’s list of available mobile plans.  

 (1 GB = 1000MB)

Plan name $35 GMP $44 GMP $50 GMP $56 GMP $60 GMP
Included data allowance 1000MB 2000MB 3000MB 4000MB 5000MB

For example, if the text reply from Telstra is 1GB, the included data allows your phone will be on the $35 GMP plan.

Note that this only applies to Telstra plans. If your plan is one of the few UQ Optus plans, you will need to contact to confirm your plan.

If you require more information about the plan you are on, please log in here: available mobile plans  

What are the call rates and monthly minimum charges for my mobile phone?

Call rates for the Telstra  Government Mobile Plus plans can be found by clicking here.

If you are unsure which plan or service provider you are on, please refer to the FAQ entry for identifying your plan.

How do I set up voicemail on my mobile?

Voicemail is automatically available on all UQ mobile phones.

Dial 101 on your mobile phone to access MessageBank and follow the prompts.

  • If you have an iphone:

The easiest way to set up or check your voice mail is by clicking green phone button in the bottom left corner of your iphone, then clicking the voicemail button at the bottom right hand corner of that screen.

Can I increase the duration the phone rings before going to voicemail on Telstra Messagebank?

Yes, simply dial: **61*102*11*25# and the phone will ring for 25 seconds before going to MessageBank. FYI: The 25 in the code is the seconds and the maximum is 30 seconds. 

Mobile MessageBank user guide

How do I transfer my personal number over to my UQ service?

Once you have approval from an authorised person in your organisational unit, contact UQ Mobiles for the appropriate paperwork.

If you are porting a pre-paid number over, you will be required to provide your date of birth to complete the transfer.

Can I transfer my number back to my own account if I leave the University?

If you wish to retain your UQ mobile number when you leave UQ you need to first seek approval from your financial delegate. This approval must then be emailed to UQ Mobiles, who will then provide you with a Change of Ownership form. This form will then need to be taken to a Telstra shop for processing. 

Can I use a mobile phone to access email?

For information regarding setting up your email for your phone, click here.

How do I configure UQ WiFi or eduroam wireless access on my iPhone?

For information regarding connecting to the UQ wireless network click here.

How do I configure UQ VPN access on my iPhone?

For information regarding access to VPN (Virtual Private Network) or UQ VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) click here.

How do I get my PUK/PIN code?

SIM cards are immediately locked if someone keys in three different incorrect PIN codes in succession. The message "PIN locked" will appear on the screen (or similar). In this event, you can fall back on the 8 digit PUK code. Enter this code in order to unlock your mobile phone, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

To unlock your phone, please send an email to UQ Mobiles and put "PUK/PIN Request" in the subject header. Make sure to include your mobile number.

How do I determine my phone IMEI?

Most mobile phones will display the IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) number when you enter the following sequence: *#06#

What will my calls cost when I am travelling overseas?International voice and data calls can be very expensive when you are overseas. For more information please refer to the international roaming guide.

Will my University mobile phone work while overseas?

Roaming is not normally activated unless you request it and your financial delegate approves the request.

For more information please refer to the international roaming guide.

How do I purchase a new or replacement mobile phone?

All mobile phones are purchased outright through UniFi.

What is CAAB?

The CAAB (call auditing and billing) portal is primarily used by finance staff to determine how devices and usage affects the charges applied to their business unit.

If you are currently receiving a paper bill or require access, please contact UQ Mobiles.

Can I get my phone repaired?

UQ mobiles is trialling a new repair service for IOS devices which it hopes will provide an alternative to the service provided by Apple.

The service is offered by CompNow, an authorised Apple service provider, and includes a free courier service to ensure that your phone is only out of reach as long as it takes to be repaired. Click here for more information.

Can I use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving?

All drivers on Queensland roads are banned from using hand-held mobile phones while driving. Click here for more information.