October 2016

The Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology schools are being trained and onboarded to CRM in October.  New CRM learning material including Training simulations and Quick Reference guides are now available on this site and also in Blackboard.

September 2016

The Faculty of Science and Faculty of Humanity and Social Science schools are being trained and will come onboard with CRM in September.  The CRM team is also designing and developing the CRM Training framework to provide instructional simulations and quick reference guides to the CRM User Community.

August 2016

CRM team are progressively working on streamlining ‘queues and emails mapping’ as more business units coming on board with CRM. Some current queues/emails maybe redundant or obsolete which will need to be identified.

BEL (faculty and schools) has recently come on board with CRM. They are in transition to the more streamlined queues and email mapping (see document above).