The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of when to create and use Quick Tickets.

Quick Tickets are typically used to time track high volume routine enquiries where students are seeking general information such as directions or event information, for which the advice given does not typically need to be recorded against their contact records within CRM.

The purpose of the Quick Ticket is to record the number and type of enquiries to enable teams to identify improvement opportunities and manage resources effectively.

Depending on your enquiry workspace and your team’s requirement ‘Quick Tickets’ may be available as a group of buttons, a selection menu on the ribbon or located in a Quick Tickets tab.

Creating a quick ticket

  1. File menu > Enquiry to create a new enquiry
  2. Select Quick Tickets type from the Quick Tickets drop-down menu within the Enquiry workspace header.  These will vary across different part of UQ.
    The following will be automatically set by the system:
    • Contact will be populated as 'QuickTicket[Business Unit]' e.g. QuickTicketBEL depending on user’s profile
    • Subject will be populated based on the QuickTicket type selected
    • Queue will be set to queue, based on the user’s profile
    • Assigned will be set to user’s profile
    • Topic will be set based on QuickTicket type selected
    • Enquiry status will be set to ‘Solved
  3. Click Counter or Phone buttons within the Enquiry workspace header
    • Channel and Enquiry source will be set accordingly
  4. Enquiry will automatically be saved and closed.

Please note

Quick tickets are only available when creating a new enquiry.