The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of how to create new enquiry for a new contact. You may receive a phone or ‘over the counter’ enquiry from a prospective student whose record does not exist in the system.

 It is critical to ensure that the contact does not already exist in the CRM system, by completing a contact search.

Creating an enquiry for a new contact

  1. Click File in the ribbon menu then Enquiry in the drop-down menu. A blank enquiry workspace will open.
  2. On Contact Information section, click on the magnifying glass icon, next to the Contact field. A ‘Contact Search’ window will open
  3. Enter search criteria. (Refer to the Please note section below) and click the Search button
  4. If there is no existing contact record, then click on the New Contact button at the bottom of the ‘Contact Search’ window. This will open the Contact workspace.
  5. Enter the relevant Contact details and click OK on the ribbon. The contact details will be added to the enquiry workspace.
  6. Continue to complete the enquiry. Note: That the enquiry has been saved, in order to save the new contact into the CRM system.

Please note

The following wildcards can be used when performing searches.

Operator Description


Append an asterisk to use a wildcard in your search term to match exact string. For example, searching for Jane* returns results that start with Jane, such as Janet.


Appending a percent sign to use a wildcard in your search term to match like terms. For example, searching for hut% returns results that are similar to hut, such as shutter.