The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of:

  • How you can populate your ‘My Inbox’ with enquiries
  • How to manually add enquiries to ‘My Inbox’
  • How to assign enquiries from the team inbox to yourself


Your user permissions and the queues you are assigned to will determine which of these transactions you will be able to complete.  If you have an issues or queries about your permissions, please contact the CRM team by creating an enquiry and assigning it to the CRM Support queue.

In order to access the Fill Inbox feature, you need to access the ‘Report’ ribbon.  You do this by clicking in the ‘My Inbox’ workspace, this will provide visibility and access to the ‘Report’ ribbon (as displayed below) where you can access the Fill Inbox menu option.

1. How to manually fill 'My Inbox'

This transaction will automatically add enquiries to your ‘My Inbox’ from all the queues you are assigned to, based on the configuration agreed with your manager.

  1. Click into the My Inbox workspace to display the ‘Report’ ribbon
  2. Click on Fill Inbox menu option in the ribbon
  3. Your My Inbox will be populated with enquiries (based on pre-defined settings, agreed with your manager)