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The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of how to bulk-reassign enquiries to a queue, and to a person via the multi-edit feature.

Please note: Only authorized ‘manager’ users have access to the multi-edit feature. 

The multi-edit feature (displayed below) provides an authorized user the functionality to make bulk changes to the selected enquiries including:

  • Reassign to different queue
  • Reassign to individual user
  • Change topic and category
  • Change enquiry status
  • Add instructional note

1. Bulk reassigning enquiries to a queue

  1. On Enquiry dashboard:
    1. To multi-select enquiries in order, hold shift and click
    2. To randomly (not in order) multi-select enquiries, hold ctrl and click
  2. Right-click > Open > Enquiry. This will open the Multi-Edit screen.
  3. Select queue you wish to reassign the enquiry to from Queue drop-down list.
  4. Ensure the following:
    1. Status is set to Unresolved if enquiries have not been resolved
    2. Assigned is set to No value
  5. Optionally, Instructional Note may be added (in bulk) if needed:
    1. Click Add > Instructional Note
    2. Enter Instructional Note message
  6. Click Save or Save and Close