The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of how to:

  • Respond to an enquiry
  • Use Save or Save and Close vs Send and Send and Close options
  • Store files to an enquiry
  • Attach files to a response

1. Responding to an enquiry without attachments

  1. Access the relevant enquiry for which you wish to response.  Select the Message tab
  2. Click the Add menu option in the Enquiry workspace
  3. Select Response option from dropdown menu
  4. Enter response message in the available workspace
  5. Click either:
    1. Send or Send and Close in the ribbon to send the response message. (Note: Enquiry status will automatically be set to Solved) OR
    2. Save or Save and Close to save as draft.  The drafted message will be stored against the enquiry but will not be sent