The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of: 

  • When the ‘Forward to SME’ feature should be used 
  • How to use the ‘Forward to SME’ feature to send requests to both internal and external subject matter experts 
  • What the SME will see and how they need to respond 

Correct use of this feature

CRM users can use the ‘Forward to SME’ feature to submit requests to both CRM and non-CRM users to ask for information to help resolve enquiries. These requests will be received by the SME via email. 

It is recommended that this feature is used in the following situations: 

  • Where feedback is required from an SME (who is not a CRM user) to answer an enquiry 
  • Where an SME (who is not a CRM user) needs to response directly to a student/contact 

1. How to forward to SME

Please note:  When a ‘Forward to SME’ request is made, the email sent to the SME will include a copy of all file attachments linked to the enquiry. 

  1. From within the selected enquiry, click on the Forward to SME tab within the Enquiry workspace header menu. 
  2. The ‘Forward to SME’ workspace below will be displayed. 
  3. Enter the SME’s email address in the To Email field and enter message in the Comments field
  4. To attach a file, click on the Browse button, locate and add the relevant file 
  5. Click the Forward button to submit the request to the SME

Please note:

  • A ‘Forward to SME’ can only be sent to one SME at a time 
  • The SME receiving the request can forward it to another SME for their feedback (even if they have responded to it) 
  • Any files attached in the ‘Forward to SME’ workspace will be added to the enquiry’s file attachments 
  • A ‘Forward to SME’ request email is not sent to the enquiry’s ‘Additional contacts’