The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to provide non-CRM users with a working knowledge of how to respond to a request for information from UQ CRM users. 

UQ uses Oracle Service Cloud as its platform for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to provide an integrated view of customer interactions and engagements.  All UQ faculties and schools are using the CRM for managing enquiries, whether they are from current students, future students, alumni, business partners or community stakeholders.

CRM users via the ‘Forward to SME’ feature can submit requests to non-CRM users to ask for information to help resolve enquiries.  These requests will be received by the SME recipient via email.

  1. The email request will come from UQAnswers and will look similar to the email format below. 

Please note

  • SMEs should not reply to this email, as they will receive an error message. 
  • SMEs should not forward this email, if input is required from another SME, the request recipient should advise UQ staff who will submit another ‘Forward to SME’ request.


2. In order to respond the SME must click on the link. This will open a browser window in your default Internet browser, which will look similar to the format below. From this screen, the SME can: 

  • View the initial enquiry from the student/contact 
  • View the request from the UQ CRM user 
  • Respond to the request
  • Attach a file/s;
  • Submit their feedback to either the student/contact or to UQ staff (ie original requestor)

Please note

  • The SME can choose to reply directly to the student/contact or responding to the UQ staff or both
  • The student/contact will only see the response sent directly to them. The instructions to staff is an instructional note and only visible to CRM users. 
  • It is recommended that if the SME is unclear on how the response is managed or any aspect of their feedback, they should respond to the UQ staff who are able to complete a review of feedback, prior to sending a response to the student/contact. 

3. When the SME has completed their feedback, they simply click on the Submit your response button. This will record your response into the CRM system and send a response to the student/contact – if that is the option the SME selected. 

Please note

Any files attached by the SME to the response (for either option) will be saved to the enquiry.