The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of what Standard text is and how to send a response to an enquiry using it.

Standard text is a tool can be used to create efficiencies and a consistent professional response, e.g. branding, standardised response for common enquiries.

How to send a response using Standard text

  1. Open an enquiry you wish to respond
  2. On your message window, it should default to Response message window
  3. Otherwise, Click the Add option in Enquiry workspace menu and select Response option in drop-down menu to add a response message
  4. Click Standard Text option in the Enquiry workspace menu
  5. The Standard Text window will display.
  6. On the left section, select appropriate Standard Text you wish to include in the response. The selected text will display on the preview window on the right.
  7. Click OK
  8. The Standard text window will close and the selected text will populate on the response message
  9. Continue to edit and personalise the response message as required
  10. Click Send or Send and Close to send the response

Please note

Merged fields can be used in the Standard text to personalise text message. Merged fields are database fields, which can be denoted by “$”.

For example:

$ displays contact’s first name will be populated as text with the response.

$incidents.assigned.acct_id: displays staff’s name who is responsible for the enquiry.

Please note, when using merged fields please ensure you do not modify the format of the merged fields. Otherwise, the system will not recognise it as merged field and will not populate the response correctly.