The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of how to use and create Instruction notes.

Instructional notes are an internal comment, note or message which are used for internal communications and record-keeping within CRM. They are only visible to CRM users and are unavailable or visible to non-CRM users including students.

It is recommended that Instructional notes are used to capture additional information which may assist in resolving enquiries. It is also recommended that CRM users exercise discretion in the content of these instruction notes and that content complies with all relevant University policies.

Adding an instructional note

1) Access the relevant enquiry you wish to add an Instructional note to. Select the Message tab

2) Click Add menu option in the Enquiry workspace

3) Select Instructional Note from the drop-down menu

4) Enter relevant notes in the Message section

5) Click Save or Save & Close options to save the Instructional note.

6) An Instructional Note is now created and has been added to the enquiry.