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The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of key Records Management transactions within CRM: 

  • How files are stored within CRM at both the Enquiry level and Contact level 
  • How to send enquiry records to TRIM 
  • How to cancel sending enquiry records to TRIM 
  • How to resend enquiry records to TRIM 
  • What happens when an SME send attached files with their responses? 

1. How files are stored within CRM at the enquiry and contact levels

Within CRM, files can be stored at two levels, the Enquiry level or at the Contact level. The below table describes the characteristics of each method. 

Enquiry level Contact level

Files are related to specific enquiry belonging to the contact.

Files are related to the contact and not particularly related to any specific enquiry related to the contact.

File can be added/viewed/deleted via

Enquiry > Enquiry files tab

Files can be added, viewed and deleted via Contact > Attachment tab

Files will be sent to TRIM after enquiry’s status is set to ‘solved’ and TRIM flag is set to ‘Yes’

Files cannot be sent to TRIM from within the CRM Contact record

Files can be forwarded outside of the system using Forward or Forward to SME

Files cannot be forwarded outside of CRM from within the CRM Contact record