The purpose of this Quick Reference Guide is to build working knowledge and understanding of the difference between Knowledge Base and Standard text.

1. Using Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a tool can be used to manually search the knowledge base content that may be included in your response. The filter can be used as appropriate.

How to use Knowledge Base

  1. Open an enquiry you wish to response 
  2. On Message tab, click Search Knowledgebase button in the Enquiry workspace header 
  3. The Search Knowledgebase window will be displayed 
  4. Enter search criteria 
  5. Click Search 
  6. Results matching your search criteria will be displayed. 
  7. Select action/s 
    On each Knowledgebase result, 3 actions can be done. Select between: 
    1. Add as Link: to add Knowledgebase content as a link. This links to knowledge base content on UQ Answer web page 
    2. Add as Text: to add knowledge base content as a text 
    3. View: to view knowledge base content 
  8. Links and texts will be inserted in the response immediately 
  9. Click Close to close knowledge base window 
  10. Continue to respond the enquiry 

Please note

Multiple actions can be selected. The knowledge base window will stay open unless Close button is clicked.