Used for qualitative research, NVivo lets you combine detailed analysis with linking, searching, modeling and charting. Videos. Documents. Photos. Audio files. Whatever your materials, qualitative research seeks out the ‘why’, not the ‘how’ of its topic through the analysis of unstructured information – things like interview transcripts and recordings, emails, notes, feedback forms, photos and videos. It doesn’t just rely on statistics or numbers, which are the domain of quantitative researchers.

What is included?

We are licensed for NVivo Pro for Windows, and Nvivo for Mac, but earlier versions of these products are also included.

The licence includes access to ongoing upgrades and technical support.

Who can use it?

The QSR site licence allows University of Queensland OUs only to purchase licences that allow use of any version of NVivo.

If your UQ computer has an NVivo licence and you are the sole user of that computer, you are also allowed to install the software on a UQ portable device (e.g. a UQ laptop) for your use at no additional charge. 

Home use for staff and students

No home use (on private computers) arrangements exist. Nvivo may only be used on UQ computers.

If you need the software for your own private computer, this can be purchased from the QSR web site.

Conditions of Use

Use of QSR products is limited to the following:

  • Teaching;
  • Research;
  • Personal educational development;
  • Administration and management of the business of the University of Queensland's organisation;
  • Development work associated with any of the above.

Exclusions also include

  • Consultancy or services leading to commercial exploitation of the software;
  • Work of significant benefit to the employer of students on industrial placement or part-time courses.

Note: "commercial exploitation" is the use of the software for monetary gain either by the University or an individual. Where software is so used this must be a matter for written agreement between QSR and the University.

Licence Type

The QSR NVivo device licenses are purchased/renewed annually via UniFi. One licence is required per installation of NVIVO. 

The QSR license period runs from 20th November to 19 November each year. 

How do I obtain a copy of the software?

Purchase new or renew existing licences through UniFi. Your local finance officer can assist with this if necessary.

Please include the following information on your Unifi purchase – Name of user, phone number, and computer name.

Total annual price is listed below. The NVivo site license period expires annually on the 20th of November. 

UniFi Item ID# License Quantity UQ Price
NVIVO Single device licence $25


Known Problems

  • How do I resolve ‘No standalone Connection’ error? OR Why am I getting a prompt for a ‘Connection name’ when I create a project? 
    These messages normally indicate that Microsoft SQL Server (the database component used by NVivo) has failed to install correctly. The NVivo software will need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled.
    Also, problems can occur with the SQL installation if the computer's Windows installer is not up to date - check the Windows installer is up to date before reinstalling.


ITS Licensing and Maintenance

Telephone (07) 3365 6000
Fax (07) 3346 6985

Additional Product Information