Note: OneDrive is not available to Students and is only available to faculties that have completed the email migration to 365, please see 365 migration project for more information.

To install OneDrive on your UQ machine, please follow our self-installation guides

For personal devices, you can download it from

More guides and support can be found on the Microsoft OneDrive for Mac page.

First time setup

Use the Finder or Spotlight Search to look for OneDrive

Select OneDrive

Enter your email address in the following format

Click Sign in

You might get singed in automatically if not, you will be prompted to put in your username and password. Use the same format for the username ( and the password you use for your UQ username.

Click Sign in

Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location

Your OneDrive Location will be  located under your home folder uqusername>OneDrive – The University of Queensland

Note: Do not change this location

Click Choose this location

Here you can choose what to Sync and what not to Sync, as this is a new OneDrive account you don’t need to set this up.

Click Next

Read and follow the instructions that appear in the pop up

Note: you will need to ignore the “Get OneDrive for your Phone” instead follow the OneDrive Guides for your mobile

Click Open my OneDrive folder to complete the install

Share files and folders

Before you can share, you will need to enable the OneDrive extension option in System Preferences;

-Click Apple > System Preferences… >  Extensions > All > tick OneDrive

Once done all you have to do is Right mouse click the file or folder (control + mouse click if you are using a magic mouse or do not have the right click option) then select Share

Enter a Name or Email Address to send the link to & add a note if you like.

Click Send

You will get a Link sent pop up

The recipient will receive the link in their mailbox

Unlink your OneDrive account

Unlink OneDrive by Right clicking OneDrive icon (if you don't have the option to right click select Onedrive and then click the Cog or 3 Dots depending on the version installed)

Select Preferences

Select Accounts, then Click Unlink this Mac

Confirm by Clicking Unlink Account