If you're having trouble logging in, the following suggestions may assist you.

Students please note that your student email account utilises a separate password

Find your UQ username

UQ Students

Your student username begins with a lower case ‘s’ followed by the first seven digits of your student number. You would have been emailed this number prior to starting at UQ.

If your student number begins with a 3, then your username may begin with an ‘s’ followed by the middle six digits of your student number.

UQ Staff

Your staff username typically begins with 'uq' and is followed by the first initial of your given name and the first five letters of your surname. For example: uqjcitiz. Due to many staff sharing the same surnames and first initials, staff usernames can also contain numbers. For example: uqjciti3.

If you are still unsure, please contact the ITS Service Desk on 336 56000. Please note that before disclosing any user details, such as usernames, ITS is required to verifiy your identity. 

Register your mobile number for password requests

Registering your mobile phone number with UQ is not only handy for emergency and examination results alerts, it can also help you gain access to your password without the need to contact the Service Desk.

UQ Students

Students can update their mobile phone number in SI-net, using the Telephone Numbers section under the Personal area. If you are still having issues setting this, students can visit any of the Ask-US staff, located in the main library of each campus.

UQ Staff

Staff can enter their mobile phone number under their personal details section in MyAurion
Be sure to save the changes made once completed. Your mobile phone number will update across all systems overnight and can then be used for retrieving a new password.

When entering your mobile number, please do not enter anything other than numbers (e.g. no + symbol), and do not include a country code. 

It's important to note that international phone numbers do not work with the SMS alert system. You will require an Australian mobile service number in order to continue.

Forgot your password?

If you have already registered your mobile phone number, you can use the password reset page to request a new one.

If setting your new password is rejected or not secure enough, take a look at our guidelines for setting a secure password.

Contact the Service Desk

If you need further assistance with your password, you can call or visit us on campus. 

The ITS Service desk can be contacted on 336 56000, or by visiting level 2 of the Prentice Centre.