Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

What is VDI?

Please note: This service is only for students at Gatton. 

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, using software to virtualize desktops, and then deliver that user experience centrally. Instead of users storing their operating system, desktop personality and data on individual laptops or desktops, VDI enables desktop data to run centrally on servers maintained by IT administrators and accessed locally via a traditional PC.

In order to use the VDI, your school or faculty needs to subscribe to make it available to their staff and/or students.

VDI provides a more reliable, secure, and supportable end-user computing experience. End-user data and operating system personalities are no longer tied and managed to heterogeneous desktop machines, but rather managed centrally allowing IT staff to enforce policy, protect data centrally, and administer / upgrade / patch desktops uniformly.

  •  EAIT IT Infrastructure Group ( manage their own VDI.

  • In order to use the VDI service efficiently, you must have an active, stable internet connection.
  • Using the VDI service via a 3/4G connection may incur additional data charges if limits exceed your current plans usage, just like running a PC from your home internet connection. Please contact your telecommunications provider if you have any questions regarding your connections data usage.
  • Please note that in some circumstances, when using a mobile device users may experience a slow connection with mild latency issues. This occurs because the application is unable to determine the network capabilities of your mobile device. Performance options can be set under the Preferences tab.