What’s new in UQ Drupal? Please read on for what’s happened since the last update, and what’s coming up for the remainder of the year.


Preferred Panel of Suppliers

They're ready and able. The Preferred Panel of Suppliers for the UQ CMS is in now place to help you transition to UQ Drupal when you are ready. Currently there are 6 businesses on the panel who are able to work with UQ Drupal to build web sites, ranging from 2 person to 30+ teams. Please contact me for details on the Panelist list, and instructions on how to use the panel.

More Information on Drupal.uq.edu.au

Further resources were added to the UQ Drupal site to help you with Planning your Web Site and offering a new Support page where you can find and search the FAQ’s, Forums and Training.


Based on testing and feedback from Drupal early adopters the Site Editor Training was finalised. Web Services/UQ Drupal teams are now directing staff to http://drupal.uq.edu.au/training/site-editor-course where they can undertake the training. As more users are undertaking the Site Editor Training we are receptive to their feedback and will continue to refine training activities based on this positive and constructive feedback. Site Coordinator Training has been successfully rolled out to Drupal early adopters. New features such as how to use an Inception page, were added to the online training.

Latest Sites launched

Faculty of Medicine + Biomedical Sciences

Built as phase 2 for the faculty review process from 2013, the aim of this development was to establish a new standard for faculty sites. It’s responsive theme works well on mobile devices.



Developed by members of the Preferred Panel of Suppliers, the Uniquest site uses a theme developed for non UQ branded sites. It’s hosted on the UQ Drupal base making use of UQ Central content of News and Events.


History of Emotions

Built by Web Services to display current events and research, the UQCHE makes use of the latest build of UQ Drupal.


Register of UQ Web Managers

Each top level Faculty and Organisational has supplied a contact for the Web Manager position. Thank you for your help in organising this register.

For Developers - VM released

To facilitate development on the UQ CMS, a Virtual Machine has been developed that provides access on machines to the infrastructure, code base and standard behaviour of UQ CMS provisioned installations. These can be used both to by the Preferred Panel of Suppliers to develop full sites, or to be able to submit feature requests to the core code base.

Migration Coordinator appointment

We welcome Matthew Beale on board as the Migration Coordinator. In this role he will be communicating with Web Managers and Site owners, and coordinate the 1:1 Migration process and training.


1:1 Migration

The CMS Transition team has identified the use of a technological 1:1 migration option, using developer scripts for basic sites sitting on the OCMPS platform. Work on the migration script is progressing with a kick-off date of 14 November 2014. The schedule for training related to Tier 1 migrations within this phase is still under development due to the varied nature of the sites and their templates. Your Web Manager will be contacted soon to confirm the process for Tier 1 migrations. Tier 1 sites will be migrated by the end of January 2015. Following this, Tier 2 and 3 sites will be assessed and migrated, if suitable, by March 2015.

New website for the School of Communication and Arts

Development is about to commence for the new school site which will launch on January 1. A development partner will be appointed this week. Web Services are conducting three usability and requirements workshops with cross institutional stakeholders with a specialist agency to detail business requirements and inform the new design which will help guide and prototype the development of reusable design elements and components for common content e.g. events, people, publications, research, that are applicable to many other units.

Templates / Pattern Library

The web team have been adding to the foundation of the upcoming templates by building a pattern library. The pattern library will be useable by both UQ Drupal and other applications such as MyUQ. In early 2015 UQ Drupal specific templates, such as an event page, a researcher display, or new styles of lists will be available.

Administration Portal

Come December, there will be an Administration Portal available streamlining the management of your sites’s users. Site owners, Administrators and Site Coordinators will be able to log in to view, add or manager users without the need to request this action from ITS. As part of the Administration Portal we are doing an upgrade to SimpleSAML, which makes logging in and out less cumbersome.

Central Data – Enterprise

As we progress with testing the current versions Central Data, it has reinforced the opinion that UQ will greatly benefit from some types of content on UQ Web Sites and applications to be centralised at an enterprise grade. This is content such as News, Events, Research, Publications etc. The development team will be working for the next 2 months on refactoring the existing Central Data to take into consideration the full enterprise requirements. A timeline will be added to the UQ Drupal site soon of which types of data will be available in 2015.

If you would like to register a starter / migrated / new site, please contact your Web Manager, then complete the expression of interest form.

Please contact Dee McGrath if you have any UQ Drupal CMS related queries.

Dee McGrath | CMS Transition Manager

Information Technology Services

The University of Queensland

E: dee.mcgrath@uq.edu.au W: http://drupal.uq.edu.au