The Drupal CMS transition team is excited to announce the first release of UQ Drupal with a simple starter site template available for selected UQ sites. At the end of 2015, UQ’s current CMS (OCMPS) will be phased out. This is the first release towards this goal.

Take part in release 1

The team is seeking expressions of interest from organisational units that would like to put forward their site to be one of the first converted to the new UQ Drupal platform. This opportunity is available to organisational units that have suitable support resources and website development knowledge in-house. At this stage there is no central support available as the training and support is being developed in conjunction with this release. There is basic online help available for Starter Sites only.

Organisational units selected for this release will be contributing to UQs knowledge and skill with the new platform. They will work closely with the team, providing feedback, contributing to help guides and training, suggestions, and workflow improvements as we move forward to migrate the University across to the new standard platform. UQ Drupal information sessions will begin soon and will provide much more detail about the transition, please check the UQ Drupal site and UQ Update for details.

If you would like to register your site for consideration, please complete the expression of interest form

The next steps

The UQ Drupal transition team will select organisational units from the expressions of interest and commence working on the first round of these sites during April.

Release 2 is scheduled for June 30 2014 and will include further refinements and additions to features based on feedback from the sites and training being developed between April – May 2014.

For further information, information session dates and times, and release 1 expressions of interest, please visit

What’s in Release 1?

Introducing Central Data

The UQ Drupal starter site will come with a range of centrally available data that will allow site administrators to:

  • Install common UQ content types (News Article, Event) with the click of a button.
  • Install common UQ Taxonomies (Semester Dates, Org Unit Tree) with the click of a button.
  • Share content between sites (e.g your News Articles can be submitted to UQ News for review and display).

Improved interface

The UQ Drupal starter site has an improved user interface making site administration even easier. Site administrators will be able to:

  • Rearrange their front pages quickly and easily by dragging in common elements (sliders, featured lists) and customising to suit individual sites.
  • Move menu items, other ordered lists easily.
  • Access administrative interface easily and quickly.

Integrated UQ Single Sign on

UQ Single Sign On is integrated into the UQ Drupal starter site. This means that site administrators can:

  • Assign roles based on attributes to users and other staff responsible for content editing.
  • Assign roles based on group membership (e.g from active directory) to users and other staff responsible for content editing.

Pre-built template

The new UQ Drupal starter sites will contain:

  • Common UQ design layouts to save hours of manual effort and easily maintain UQ branding.
  • Common blocks and views to display your content in a consistent manner.

Easy to use Image Styles

Images in the UQ Drupal starter sites will be much easier to use. Features include:

  • Pre-defined image styles that can be applied to any of your images throughout your drupal site. This means no more editing images manually in Photoshop or large uncompressed imagery that may be slowing your site down.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition.

For further information, information session dates and times, and release 1 expressions of interest, please visit