The UQ Drupal team is pleased to announce the second release of UQ Drupal with the Central content type Events available to developers. At the end of 2015, UQ’s current CMS (OCMPS) will be phased out. This is the second release towards this goal.

What’s in Release 2?

Update to Central Data

The UQ Drupal development and starter sites comes with a range of centrally available data that will allow site administrators to:

  • Install common UQ content types.
  • A new common content type: Event. This brings a new content type for Events, along with common category taxonomy and custom display modes + formatters for Events across UQ.
  • Group role mapping is available to site developers. This will allow site coordinators to administrate their own groups, for a subset of the available roles.

Solid Infrastructure

Additional enhancements have been made to the UQ-Drupal infrastructure to help ensure smooth operation as we continue to expand at an enterprise level. Additional part-time team members have focused on performance, security testing, and technical documentation.

A backup process solution has been implemented for the UQ Drupal Databases, with a fast recovery time.

Updated Sandbox sites

The next version of UQ Drupal Sandbox Sites now come with a Basic Page installed, and Inception DS available on sub pages.

The next steps - Prioritisation

An initiative was begun to create a database of UQ’s web managers, to assist with the transition and coordination of communication with stakeholders. Web managers have oversight of the web sites and content within their areas, and may be required to authorise the consolidation of web pages or sites that duplicate content, to remove of out of date, duplicate or dormant information. While Web managers may not necessarily action the web tasks, the web manager will work with teams to allocate budget and resources for their transition.

The program committee is working on selecting the first 50 websites to be transition by central services over the next 18 months. Their ranking will be influenced by their alignment to UQ’s strategic values, by site goals and audience type, by amount of site traffic, and organizational readiness to transition. It is expected this list will be available by 30 August 2014.

The UQ Drupal team is continuing development on sites related to MyUQ, some UQ Central portfolio web sites and then will progress to sites under the Future Students portfolio later this year.

For further information and Release 2 expressions of interest, please visit

Take part in release 2

The team is taking expressions of interest from organisational units that would like to put forward their site to use a Starter Site. This opportunity is available to organisational units that have suitable support resources and website development knowledge in-house, and are of a smaller nature. At this stage there is no central support available, as the training and support is being developed. There is basic online help available for Site Editor, and by appointment classes for Site Coordinator roles within the Starter Sites only.

Organisational units selected for a Starter Site will be contributing to UQs knowledge and skill with the new platform. They will provide feedback, contributing to help guides and training, suggestions, and workflow improvements as we move forward to migrate the University across to the new standard platform.

If you would like to register your site for consideration, please complete the expression of interest form


If you would like to come to an informal demonstration session please email Dee McGrath, CMS Transition Manager, on

We thank you for your patience and understanding during the transition.


The UQ Drupal Transition Team