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Campus Room Protocol Address Booked Through
St Lucia 1-216 H323 1.216@uq.edu.au languages-cultures@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248748 56311
    SIP 1.216@uq.edu.au  
  1-e203 H323 1.e203@uq.edu.au  
    SIP 1.e203@uq.edu.au  
  17-323 H323 17.323@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248751  
    SIP 17.323@uq.edu.au  
  17-415 H323 17.415@uq.edu.au  
    SIP 17.415@uq.edu.au  
  22-201 H323 22.201@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248796 Ext 60775
    SIP 22.201@uq.edu.au  
  24-s442 SIP 24.s442@uq.edu.au Faculty of HABS
  24-s227 H323 24.s227@uq.edu.au j.pickering@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248753 68743
    SIP 24.s227@uq.edu.au  
  26-mobile SIP 26-mobile@uq.edu.au  
  27a-220 H323 27a.220@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248747 Ext 60775
    SIP 27a.220@uq.edu.au  
  32-mobile H323 32.mobile@uq.edu.au languages-cultures@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248755 56311
    SIP 32.mobile@uq.edu.au  
  32-316 H323 32.316@uq.edu.au languages-cultures@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248756 56311
    SIP 32.316@uq.edu.au  
  35-112 H323 35.112@uq.edu.au  
    SIP 35.112@uq.edu.au  
  39-629 H323 39.629@uq.edu.au m.cowan@uq.edu.au
    SIP 39.629@uq.edu.au 69123
  42-120 H323 42.120@uq.edu.au AV Workshop Codec
    E164 61731248757 54033
    SIP 42.120@uq.edu.au  
  42-405 H323 42.405@uq.edu.au Del.molloy@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248758 66881
    SIP 42.405@uq.edu.au  
  47a-249 H323 47a.249@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248784 Ext 60775
    SIP 47a.249@uq.edu.au  
  47a-351 H323 47a.351@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248785 Ext 60775
    SIP 47a.351@uq.edu.au  
  49-200 H323 49.200@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248783 Ext 60775
    SIP 49.200@uq.edu.au  
  50-s406 H323 50.s406@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248761  
    SIP 50.s406@uq.edu.au  
  50-T203 H323 50.t203@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248716 Ext 60775
    SIP 50.t203@uq.edu.au  
  57-425 H323 57.425@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248762  
    SIP 57.425@uq.edu.au  
  60-711 H323 60.711@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248763  
    SIP 60.711@uq.edu.au  
  60-Level6 H323 60.Level6@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248764  
    SIP 60.Level6@uq.edu.au  
  61a-565 H323 61a.565@uq.edu.au ca-meeting-rooms-booking@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248797 60775
    SIP 61a.565@uq.edu.au  
  61a-EMR H323 61a.EMR@uq.edu.au e.carlino@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248765 51318
    SIP 61a.EMR@uq.edu.au  
  61a-Senate H323 61a.Senate@uq.edu.au ca-meeting-rooms-booking@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248767 60775
    SIP 61a.Senate@uq.edu.au  
  69-325 H323 69.325@uq.edu.au  
    SIP 69.325@uq.edu.au  
  7-302 H323 7.302@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248748 Ext 60775
    SIP 7.302@uq.edu.au  
  7-326 H323 7.326@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248749 Ext 60775
    SIP 7.326@uq.edu.au  
  75-132 H323 75.132@uq.edu.au reception@aibn.uq.edu.au
    SIP 75.132@uq.edu.au 63877
  78-617 H323 78.617@uq.edu.au  
    SIP 78.617@uq.edu.au  
  8-157 H323 8.157@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248750  
    SIP 8.157@uq.edu.au  
  81-120 H323 81.120@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248768  
    SIP 81.120@uq.edu.au  
  84a-506a H323 84a.506a@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61737378560  
    SIP 84a.506a@uq.edu.au  
  84a-506b H323 84a.506b@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61737378561  
    SIP 84a.506b@uq.edu.au  
  83-S323 H323 83.s323@uq.edu.au agriculture@uq.edu.au
    E164 61737378564 Ext 51171
    SIP 83.s323@uq.edu.au  
  83-S324 H323 83.s324@uq.edu.au agriculture@uq.edu.au
    E164 61737378563 Ext 51171
    SIP 83.s324@uq.edu.au  
  AVHire H323 AVHire@uq.edu.au itssupportdesk@its.uq.edu.au
Gatton 8101.201 H323 8101.201@uq.edu.au gatton.director@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248721  
    SIP 8101.201@uq.edu.au  
  8117.116 H323 8117.116@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248722 Ext 60775
    SIP 8117.116@uq.edu.au  
  8117a.103 H323 8117a.103@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248723 Ext 60775
    SIP 8117a.103@uq.edu.au  
  8178.103 H323 8178.103@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    SIP 8178.103@uq.edu.au Ext 60775
  8360.12 H323 8360.120@uq.edu.au  
    SIP 8360.120@uq.edu.au  
Herston HER881.202 H323 HER881.202@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248727  
    SIP HER881.202@uq.edu.au  
  HER881.205 H323 HER881.205@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248728  
    SIP HER881.205@uq.edu.au  
  HER881.208 H323 HER881.208@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248729  
    SIP HER881.208@uq.edu.au  
  HER881.416 H323 HER881.416@uq.edu.au roombookings@uq.edu.au
    E164 61761248730 Ext 60775
    SIP HER881.416@uq.edu.au  
  HER881-200 H323 HER881.202@uq.edu.au j.symes@uq.edu.au
  HER881-201 E164 61731248727 Ext 55318
  HER881-202   HER881.202@uq.edu.au  
  HER881.BOARDROOM H323 HER881.BOARDROOM@uq.edu.au j.symes@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248731 Ext 55318
    SIP HER881.BOARDROOM@uq.edu.au  
  HERB16.616 H323 HERB16.616@uq.edu.au n.zell@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248732 Ext 65129
    SIP HERB16.616@uq.edu.au  
  HERB71.502 H323 HERB71.502@uq.edu.au r.opperman@uq.edu.au
    E164 61731248733 Ext 55342
    SIP HERB71.502@uq.edu.au  
Greenslopes gs.1002 H323 gs.1002@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248725  
    SIP gs.1002@uq.edu.au  
  gs.1004 H323 gs.1004@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248726  
    SIP gs.1004@uq.edu.au  
  gs.csmr H323 gs.csmr@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248718  
    SIP gs.csmr@uq.edu.au  
  gs.m04 H323 gs.m04@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248717  
    SIP gs.mo4@uq.edu.au  
  gs.pbl2 H323 gs.pbl2@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248719  
    SIP gs.pbl2@uq.edu.au  
TRI TRI0871.2002 H323 TRI0871.2002@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248792  
    SIP TRI0871.2002@uq.edu.au  
  TRI0871.2007 H323 TRI0871.2007@uq.edu.au  
    SIP TRI0871.2007@uq.edu.au  
  TRI0871.3000 H323 TRI0871.3000@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248793  
    SIP TRI0871.3000@uq.edu.au  
  TRI0871.4000 H323 TRI0871.4000@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248794  
    SIP TRI0871.4000@uq.edu.au  
  TRI0871.5000 H323 TRI0871.5000@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248795  
    SIP TRI0871.5000@uq.edu.au  
  TRI0871.6000 H323 TRI0871.6000@uq.edu.au  
    SIP TRI0871.6000@uq.edu.au  
  TRI0871.7095 H323 TRI0871.7095@uq.edu.au  
    SIP TRI0871.7095@uq.edu.au  
Pinjarra Hills 100101.213 H323 100101.213@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248743  
    SIP 100101.213@uq.edu.au  
Bundaberg Tute Room bund.tute H323 bund.tute@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248720  
    SIP bund.tute@uq.edu.au  
Ipswich Court St ipswich.courtst H323 ipswich.courtst@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248798  
    SIP ipswich.courtst@uq.edu.au  
Mater mater.portable H323 mater.portable@uq.edu.au  
    SIP mater.portable@uq.edu.au  
Princess Alexandria Hospital PA930.1HB08 H323 PA930.1HB08  
    SIP PA930.1HB08@UQ.EDU.AU  
Prince Charles Hospital pch.tute2 H323 pch.tute2@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248799  
    SIP pch.tute2@uq.edu.au  
PACE PACE870.4003 H323 PACE870.4003  
    SIP PACE870.4003@uq.edu.au  
PACE PACE870.6086 H323 PACE870.6086@uq.edu.au  
    SIP PACE870.6086@uq.edu.au  
Rockhampton rock.r106 H323 rock.r106@uq.edu.au  
    SIP rock.r106@uq.edu.au  
Toowoomba Rural Clinic TWB.RCS H323 TWB.RCS@UQ.EDU.AU  
    E164 61731248790  
Toowoomba Rural Clinic TWB.RCS.Room2 H323 TWB.RCS.Room2@uq.edu.au  
    E164 61731248791  
    SIP TWB.RCS.Room2@uq.edu.au  
Teleprescence Rooms        
Building 114 Gatton 8114.209 E164 61731248714  
Seddon St Lucia 82E.WG4 E164 61731248715  
CCR Herston CCR.702 E164 61731248713  
TRI TRI0871.7002 E164 61731248710  
Oral Health Centre OHC0883.7504 E164 61731248711  

Telepresence Shared Meeting Room                 

  E164 61731248712