Optical Mark Reader (OMR) Answer Sheets may be used in answering multiple choice or True/False questions in exams. The video below is an example of how students should fill out the student number and name fields on their exam paper.


Multiple choice exams require you to select one answer from a group of supplied answers (usually four or five). The preferred answer is indicated on the Answer Sheet by filling in the oval containing your selection (A) to (E). The correct method must be used to ensure accuracy with marking.

You should use a 2B pencil for accurate scanning of answers. Make sure that the pencil mark is dark and fills the circle so that it can be read by the scanner.

Once your completed Answer Sheets are read by the optical mark reader, a program is run comparing your answers with the correct ones and your marks totalled, listed and copied to a file.

Answering the Questions

  • Start at question 1.
  • Select what you consider is the correct answer (one choice only) from the selection of answers in each question.
  • Use a 2B pencil to shade the letter A-E corresponding to your selection.
  • The pencil mark must be dark; if it is too light it will not be read by the scanner (a 2B pencil is ideal; pencils harder than HB should not be used).
  • If you wish to change an answer use a soft eraser.
  • For True/False questions, fill in (A) for True and (B) for False.
  • Do not write anywhere else on the form.

A Final Check

  • Ensure that your details are written and coded - particularly check that the student number is coloured in completely
  • Answers are correctly indicated
  • All erasures/corrections are clean


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