If you're visiting UQ, we can provide you with an Internet account (VZ Visitor Account) that allows access to our world-class internet facilities.

This account is $10.00 and provides you with access to:

  • 5GB of download quota for use on the wired/wireless network.
  • Network ports available around the University (for plugging in your laptop)

Activate account

Do I need a visitor account to access wireless?

You can access the visitor wireless without an account and without using quota. Simply look for the network called 'Visitor-UQconnect' on your device. No username or password are required for this network.

About UQ VZ Visitor Access

Available at ITS Client Services on campus - Prentice Centre (BLDG 42), Level 2, Between 8:00am & 4:30pm - Mon to Fri.

  • You can use this account with your own device or a UQ wired computer (with the appropriate permissions)
  • Your download allowance is used whenever you access the Internet at UQ. Access to UQ sites is free and does not count against your download quota. 
  • If you run out of download then you can purchase more quota from ITS Client Services.
  • When you activate your visitor account it will be available to use for three months when you visit UQ although you must remember your username and password. At the end of three months the account will be deactivated and you will need a new visitor account if you return to UQ.
  • To begin your application for this account you need to first fill out a Visitor Account: Short Term Application. This application will provide you with a registration PIN required for our online form. If you have not done this, please talk with your conference coordinator.
  • Please be aware that you cannot access external email servers with this account. To read your email, please use webmail (eg Hotmail, Exchange) or VPN if available. For more information about VPN please contact your own IT Administrator.

Are you a conference coordinator, wishing to purchase visitor accounts in bulk?

If you wish to obtain a bulk quantity of Visitor Internet Accounts, please email ITS Client Services or call 336 56000 for more details. 

Other information

For further information, please contact ITS Client Services.