Many IT companies such as Cisco and Microsoft offer industry training and certification. These certifications have world wide recognition. Whilst there are no job guarantees, having one of these certifications has the potential to offer leverage when applying for a new position or a promotion.

IT Industry certifications such as the Cisco CCNA or a Microsoft MCITP can be done in any of 3 ways:

  • Read the book, sit the exam. Very low cost - approx. $500, but no hands on and one needs to be highly motivated
  • Spend 5 days (40 hours) with a commercial trainer, sit the exam. Higher cost - approx. $6000 to $10000. These are aimed at people with reasonable prior knowledge looking for CCNA certification e.g. people working in the IT industry
  • Do an Academy course - Cisco or Micorsoft. Medium cost - CCNA is $3520. Students need no prior knowledge. These courses are hands on and very thorough

UQtrainIT is a 'Cisco Networking Academy'and a 'Microsoft IT Academy'. Students doing our courses range from limited knowledge to advanced skills but all agree that they learn by the hands on nature of the Academy programs.

UQtrainIT Certification Programs are: